SLC Democratic Party

Who We Are

The Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) is the Party. It is a local voice for Democrats in St. Lucie County. The DEC also has the responsibility for discharging Florida Democratic Party affairs within the country.

Our Organization stands for the interests of the people of St. Lucie County, affirming the diversity of our residents and the dignity and rights of each individual. We believe that the strength of this community is dependent upon open and accessible government, the participation of all voters, and fair treatment of its citizens.

The task of the DEC members is to help identify and reach out to each supporter in both their individual and targeted precincts. We must increase voter participation and promote the democratic principles of fairness, inclusion, and opportunity. We do this by registering new voters and getting voters to the polls in order to ensure Democratic victory and bring government back to the people. The DEC relies upon the active involvement of all its members, Each person's time, energy and ideas are an invaluable part of the success of the Democratic Party.

Celeste Bush, President
Joseph Brennan, Vice President
Freddie Venezia, Treasurer
Delores Jensen, Secretary
Teresa Toulon, Volunteer Coordinator
Felicia Bruce, Legislative Liaison

Next Meeting: TBD